Inspired by the Armide opera, Brigitte Adolph expands her lace-focused design with smooth, circular contours. Armide is the princess of Damascus and fights in five acts for the love of her devoted Renaud. Characteristic of the opara are the stage pictures of lovely landscapes and the enchanted palace of the king. The earrings “Armide” and the matching necklace and ring tell of the pomp at the court and the natural environment into which Armide withdraws.


Like an unobtrusive decorative border on a piece of clothing, the Bordure rings or bracelets discreetly adorn their wearers’ delicate fingers or wrists. What looks like fine fabric, however, is in fact pure precious metal. Inspired by bygone eras, the Bordure line is nevertheless characterized by an authentic, contemporary formal idiom. Crafted from a variety of different materials, starting from rose gold to silver, the Bordure rings and bracelets are eminently appealing pieces of jewellery, whether plain or set with brilliant-cut diamonds.


The Anemone stud earrings are superlative jewellery creations for everyday wear. Artistically handcrafted, unostentatious and engagingly feminine, they are perfect adornments for modern-day princesses, inviting us to dream. Fancy a leisurely stroll in the forest in spring?


The Carmen line features an exciting combination of a casual Boho style and Andalusian flair. As a matter of fact, however, the design is based on a pattern of traditional Nottingham lace created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When Brigitte Adolph visited this British stronghold of textile lace production, she discovered this unusual pattern at Roger Watson Laces.


Named after nymph Daphne in Greek mythology, the jewellery pieces “Daphne” show round shapes, fine cords and filigree ornaments. The love god Eros had hit Apollo with an arrow. Daphne tried to escape his advances, exchanging her female form with that of a laurel tree. The the jewellery pieces “Daphne” show both: a cord laid in round shape and branched threads of silver. The pendant earrings, the necklace pendant – worn on a long chain – and the matching ring show an elegant look of feminine lightness.


Favoured by fortune: for a prince who is in the right place at the right time, the thorn hedge transforms into a gate entwined with rose vines. The Sleeping Beauty line’s pendant earrings, bracelets and knuckle rings playfully highlight the symbols from the fairy-tale of the princess awakened by a kiss.


In her Dubarry line, Brigitte Adolph has eternalized what looks like delicate lace in precious metal, thus transforming a decorative fashion element into exquisite jewellery. The Countess Marie Jeanne du Barry, the famous mistress of King Louis XV of France, would certainly have adored this superb jewellery creation.


In the classical comedy “The Mad Day, or The Marriage of Figaro”, Figaro is a dramatic character. Epitomizing both dainty elegance and a subtle touch of eroticism, Brigitte Adolph’s Figaro creations rank among the bestsellers of her bridal jewellery collection.

Lace Skull


The Lace Skull pendant is a superlative example of statement jewellery. Featuring a tenebrous, rock-and-roll motif as well as a daintily filigree design, it is a befitting piece of jewellery for strong women with a distinctive style.

The Lolotte necklace and stud earrings created by lace jewellery designer Brigitte Adolph are characterized by an unobtrusive design that suits any occasion. Lustrous freshwater pearls add that certain something to these delicate pieces.

Frau Luna

In the opera “Frau Luna” (Mrs. Moon), Prinz Sternschnuppe (Prince Shooting Star) loves her, and everybody knows why: her lustrous aura and graceful elegance are simply unequalled. Featuring brightly shimmering freshwater pearls in settings with appealingly feminine curves, the Mrs. Moon creations remind us of the treasured lady of the moon.

La Traviata

In Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel “The Lady of the Camellias”, Armand presents his beloved Marguerite with flowers. In 1853, Giuseppe Verdi set the drama to music in his opera “La Traviata”. Crafted from precious metal and characterized by an eminently delicate ornamental design inspired by the shape of a camellia blossom, the La Traviata pendant earrings are a contemporary alternative to the evanescent flowers. If so desired, Brigitte Adolph enhances one of each earring’s petals with 18 cognac-coloured diamonds.


Featuring elegant blossoms that look particularly dainty thanks to the finely spun threads in their petals, the Lulu creations radiate a compellingly refined, filigree and feminine aura. Crafted in bright silver, the necklace and pendant earrings are appealing eye-catchers for a dreamily romantic bridal look. In black rhodium-plated silver, the Lulu set lends its wearer an alluringly seductive aura.


Fräulein Loreley

The charming Little Jette pendant earrings and necklace pendants each feature a small blossom composed of eight ultra-delicate petals, complemented by a lustrous freshwater pearl. When worn as a set, these pieces are perfect as bridal jewellery, or ideal adornments for occasions like a confirmation.

The Fräulein Loreley pendant earrings each represent a six-petal blossom, enhanced with delicate loops and complemented by a freshwater pearl. Developed in Brigitte Adolph’s atelier, these irresistibly alluring earrings have been inspired by the tale of the mermaid Lorelei.


The highly ornamental Lakmé creations owe their vibrantly lightweight appearance to what looks like fine lacework. The decorative latticework design is reminiscent of the Indian symbol of infinity, and epitomizes the story of the opera “Lakmé”, after which this collection was named.

Madame Butterfly

The pendant earrings “Madame Butterfly” show a lace pattern that Brigitte Adolph discovered in Nottingham. A german company from Plauen had sent it to the english lace capital for inspiration years ago. Brigitte was fascinated by the Far Eastern touch of the patterns and further developed them. The pendant earrings “Madame Butterfly” impress with their airy design, which reminds of the velvety-soft wings of a butterfly.

Madame Favart

In the operetta “Madame Favart”, the chanson singer Justine’s female charms and her superlative acting prowess save her from being exiled and help her to find refuge at the Parisian royal court. The long, slender Madame Favart pendant earrings owe their enchanting French appeal to the pampille-cut gemstones – rock crystal, rose quartz, prasiolite, smoky quartz or amethyst.


“Marilu” – jewellery with natural charm: The delicate pattern is reminiscent of a plant, leaves or branches. Through its delicate look, “Marilu” is the perfect jewellery for every day and special moments.


In Greek mythology, Medea is a king’s daughter of divine descent. Her tragic story has been a rich source for interpretation, from ancient times up to the present day. Brigitte Adolph’s Medea creations are characterized by a formal idiom that eloquently expresses feminine strength through perfectly balanced symmetry.

Merchants Daughter

The painting of a merchant’s daughter wearing a lavish lace collar inspired Brigitte Adolph to create her Merchant’s Daughter line. These sumptuous pieces composed of several elements play imaginatively with the illusion of being crafted from delicate lace.

Nottingham Heritage

In 2011, Brigitte Adolph made the acquaintance of the British lace designer Jayne Childs. She lives and works in Nottingham, which was world-famous for its lace production in the 19th century. The result of the two designers’ collaboration is a collection of new silver jewellery, based on traditional Nottingham lace patterns created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Entitled Nottingham Heritage Collection, these airy jewellery creations are characterized by a captivatingly filigree design and textile appearance, as well as eminently feminine elegance.


“Strength was victorious and crowned as a reward / beauty and wisdom with an eternal crown,” rejoices the chorus for Pamina at the end of Mozart’s Magic Flute. Pamina is the daughter of the Queen of the Night and bewitches Tamino with her youthful beauty. She also inspired Brigitte Adolph to create an ornamental design for charming stud earrings, pendants and bracelets.

Papagena, Papageno, Paganini and Othello

The solitaire ring „Paganini“ is made of 18kt white gold and enhanced with four brilliant-cut diamonds und a beautiful diamond as the central eyecatcher. As an engagement ring it combines the questions of all questions with a valuable sign of appreciation. Considered as old-fashioned for a long time, the marriage proposal today experiences a renaissance. Lace is reminiscent of the craftsmanship of past times and is, in my opinion, perfect as a design element in a romantic proposal ring.
Finely wound threads give the wedding rings “Papagena und Papageno” the necessary textile structure to harmonize with bridal jewellery by Brigitte Adolph. The inner engraving strip remains consciously without structure, in order to give space for personal words or signs of the lovers.
The name of the ring “Othello” recalls the love between Othello and Desdemona in Shakespeare’s tragedy, which plays in Venice. Venetian lace patterns inspired Brigitte Adolph to this piece of jewellery with two differently thick hole pattern borders.

Pique Dame

Named after an opera by Tchaikovsky, this Pique Dame created by the jewellery designer Brigitte Adolph radiates an aura of traditional opulence, with an exquisite South Sea pearl being clasped by what looks like delicate, shimmering lace. However, it’s not fine fabric but in fact high-carat precious metal, set with sparkling diamonds, if so desired. The Pique Dame pearl ring won the JEWELLERY AWARD in 2009, and is one of the key pieces in Brigitte Adolph’s collection.



Sissi was the nickname of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Her life was characterized by the splendour and opulence of the sybaritic lifestyle at court, with extravagant fashions, jewellery and unusual hairstyles. Accordingly, Brigitte Adolph’s Sissi line includes not only pendant earrings and rings, but also a lavishly enhanced barrette.

With the Venetian lace patterns incorporated in her Venezia necklace, Brigitte Adolph takes us back to bygone times, while still remaining firmly rooted in the present. This exceptional piece of jewellery is available in shimmering white 925 silver or as a black rhodium-plated variant.


The celebrated singer Tosca lived for her art alone until political intrigues challenge her strength and willpower. The Italian opera was the source of inspiration for this ring creation by lace jewellery designer Brigitte Adolph. Jewellery wearers are encouraged to wear this opulent ring in their favourite colour and, if so desired, also enhanced with 22 diamonds.


Turandot is the princess in a story from an Oriental compilation of tales entitled “The Thousand and One Days”. She asks every man who wants to win her love a riddle. An unknown prince succeeds in doing the impossible: he answers all of the three questions. When it comes to irresistible bridal jewellery, the Turandot line created by Brigitte Adolph is the perfect choice, offering numerous variants in shimmering white silver. In mysterious black, the pieces show off the lace pattern to perfection and lend their wearer a mystical aura. When sporting an ombré look – a smooth transition from silver to shades of rose or yellow gold plating – the earrings are highly fashionable adornments.


Characterized by filigree lightness and decorative transparency, the pieces of Brigitte Adolph’s Undine line represent the story of a water nymph. Featuring oval rock crystals, rose quartz, prasiolites, smoky quartz, amethysts or moonstones, facetted in a chequerboard pattern and framed by two champagne- or cognac-coloured diamonds each, they are truly eye-catching jewellery creations. The classical earring variants can be complemented by lustrous freshwater pearls, if so desired.