Modern Jewelry Collection

Repeated listing in the Modern Jewelry Collection of the virtual museum Art Aurea is a confirmation of Brigitte Adolph’s talent for outstanding design.

Hundreds of jewelry creations by designers, artists and manufacturers are nominated every year.

Brigitte Adolph is listed with the following pieces:
2010 Pearl Ring “Pique Dame”
2011 Pearl Necklace “Loop”
2013 Necklace “Venezia” and pendant earrings Turandot.

Brigitte Adolph in Art Aurea

Schmuck Award

Pieces of jewellery are as unique and diverse as the women who wear them. To give an appropriate stage to this diversity, a leading german jewellery magazine offers the Schmuck Award in different categories.

2009 Brigitte was honoured with the Schmuck Award for her ring creation Pique Dame. 2012 she won again with the Nottingham Heritage bangle.

Design classic LOOP

The LOOP necklace is a modern execution of the classical pearl necklace. Instead of using the pearl cord merely as an invisible support, Brigitte Adolph has elevated it into the status of an independent design element by using it for ornamental stitches without forsaking its function.

Brigitte was honoured with the coveted red dot award for her Loop pearl necklace, and was also nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.