About Brigitte Adolph

Jewellery runs in the veins of German designer and goldsmith Brigitte Adolph, as both parents and grandparents were jewellers.

After becoming a goldsmith, she improved her skills while working for the royal jeweller of the Swedish Crown. Due to her fascination for contemporary design, she returned to study jewellery design at the famous University of Pforzheim. Her studies took her from Germany to Denmark, Spain and Switzerland. Since 2005 Brigitte is working self-employed in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Her impressive Lace Collection originates from her long-time passion for old handwork, especially embroidery and lace. Brigitte Adolph creates pieces that are new and innovative yet are inspired by the past of her homeland.

Her work has been honoured with national and international awards. Lace Jewellery by Brigitte Adolph is sold by over 100 jewellers, galleries and shops in Europe, North America and Asia.

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Lace Jewellery of the first hour

The fine, filigree and uncompromisingly feminine aura of Brigitte Adolph’s design jewellery looks for all the world likefinely woven lace – an illusion that dissolves to the touch, revealing the true nature of these precious pieces in gold and silver.

„I gain a lot of inspiration from lace out of a variety of cultures. On my honeymoon in Venice, I discovered a small handicrafts shop with handmade lace that I used as a basis for my Venezia necklace.

Interpreted by my idea of jewelry, earrings or a ring may arise from this textile pattern.“

Brigitte has become an ambassador of a style that blends the rediscovery of the ancient traditions, such as handmade lace, to the most noble of materials. What appears to be finest handiwork is in reality pure precious metal – the illusion of a textile material dissolves only when touching the piece of jewellery.

In cooperation with top manufacturers and well-known jewellers fresh collections in Brigitte’s distinctive style have been created.

Collection Nottingham Heritage

Cooperation with the gemstone manufactory Mevisto

A modern interpretation of traditional patterns

“The designer from Karlsruhe plays with our perception. Inspired by the past, her sumptuous creations are captivating by their authentic concept.”

Brigitte Adolph has won numerous national and international awards. Among the best known are the Reddot Award, the german Schmuck Award and the Modern Jewelry Collection listing.