Lace Jewellery from Nottingham – a creative cooperation

Brigitte Adolph who has made lace jewellery for many years, visited in 2011 the lacemaking city of Nottingham where she became friends with british designer Jayne Childs, who is renowned for her home textiles.

A creative collaboration between the two women resulted in the Nottingham Heritage Collection, a collection in silver which is inspired by historical Nottingham lace.

Nottingham turned out to be a lace Eldorado. „I visited one of the last family-run lace manufactures ROGER WATSON LACES, who is famous for manufacturing the bridal lace for Lady Diana´s wedding dress.

They kindly showed me around and offered me a whole bundle of fantastic lace for inspiration. The acquaintance of Jayne Childs was wonderful and inspiring for me. Since our artistic expression is similar but take place in different materials, we decided to enrich each other in our work.“

The most outstanding creation which arose from this cooperation so far is the Nottingham Heritage bangle which won the SCHMUCK AWARD in 2012.

Its motives are inspired by historical Nottingham lace designs from the turn of the century (fin de siècle).


Far eastern inspiration

For the Nottingham Castle Exhibition in 2012, Jayne Childs and I worked on designs she found in the Nottingham Lace Archive. With special permission Jayne was allowed to have an inside view in all the antic scrap and drawing books made for the lace industry.

The drawing we worked on stems from a design book by the German company C.P. Schultz, Plauen. We chose it because we both loved its far eastern touch.

We used this historic inspiration to create jewellery that is new and innovative but also inspired by the past.

The Madame Butterfly Collection arised from this second project of Jayne Childs and Brigitte Adolph.

Madame Butterfly bangle by Brigitte Adolph in 925 Sterling Silver.