In order to enjoy Brigitte’s jewellery for a long time, it needs some attention when it comes to storage and care.

We offer a professional jewellery cleaning service for €15 per piece of jewellery, excluding shipping. Please ask for details.

Questions about this offer and jewellery care in general

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925/- silver

Brigitte coats every piece of 925/- silver jewellery with an anti-tarnish coating so that it retains its light colour for as long as possible. Over a long period of wear, tarnishing cannot be completely avoided, i.e. a grey colouring of the material due to the oxygen and hydrogen sulphide present in the air will occur, this is in the nature of the precious metal silver.

Please avoid exposing the jewellery to the humid bathroom air for a long time! To preserve the pure white colour of the silver jewellery for as long as possible, the pieces should be kept dry and airtight in a casket or the plastic bag provided. A piece of aluminium foil also binds the sulphur oxygen from the air, so feel free to add some to the bag.

If a silver bath is at hand, the jewellery (without beads only) can be immersed very briefly and then rinsed well with water. However, it is best if a jeweller cleans the jewellery in an ion bath. Ask your local jeweller or use our service: for 15€ we not only clean the jewellery, we also renew the tarnish protection.


925/- silver gold-plated

Especially with gold-plated jewellery, proper care should be taken. We recommend taking the jewellery off before showering, cleaning or even at night. This prevents excessive abrasion.

To avoid damaging the gold plating, please be very careful when caring for it. A soft cotton cloth is perfect for cleaning, never use rough cloths such as kitchen crepe or polishing cloths!


18kt gold in all alloys

Do not place on a hard surface or store with other jewellery. The velvet of the jewellery box or a soft cloth offer the best protection against scratches.

To maintain the shine of the pieces, gold jewellery can occasionally be rubbed with a jewellery cleaning cloth. If heavily soiled, gold jewellery can be placed in a warm solution of mild detergent for 10 minutes and cleaned with a toothbrush. Finally, rinse under lukewarm running water and dry with a soft cloth or kitchen paper.