Jewellery skillfully set in scene
Brigitte Adolph

A feather to the rings Rapunzel from a romantic fairy tale, a tassel decorated to tassel jewellery or roses and tulle to the creoles Juanita – with a lot of feeling and style photographer Ugur Kilic
has arranged lace jewellery and put it in a special light.

His inspiration was to show jewellery in boxes next to a lace pattern or the bangle as a delicate decorative bangle for the long-stemmed flower, jewellery in a different way. The studied photographer would like to leave the pictures as natural as possible. Ugur Kilic deliberately opposes the trend of manipulating photos with filters, commenting laconically on trends that come and go: “I think Vokuhila used to be the trend. I think that’s very likeable. My jewellery designs are not created in isolation from contemporary design. But for me it’s important to find a language of form in every piece that is inherent in timeless beauty.

He was supported by stylist Sabrina Heim and florist Belflair.
We thank all three of them for these atmospheric photos!

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