Novelties 2020
Brigitte Adolph

The Inhorgenta jewellery fair in Munich is the event of the German jewellery industry. Especially for us small, individual designer labels it is the highlight of the year. Here we present our new collections and trends once a year. Quite exciting…

Be curious about the brand new models. This year’s collection is inspired by small, fine leaves that can be wonderfully composed into romantic pieces of jewellery. You will soon see what can be conjured up with floral motifs and which new ways of wearing jewellery I have tried out. This blog post gives you a little foretaste. The new collection will be launched at the fair in mid-February.

Tassel and tender tendrils for the spring

Let me introduce you: Lilian and Emilia. The jewellery pieces “Lilian” entwine like the leaves, flowers and small pistils of the lily gently curved as a necklace around the neck of its wearer. At the ear they appear on the one hand in dense beauty as playful plugs, on the other hand they frame the ear as a top fashionable Ear Cuff. Here the individual elements are connected at the ear by a delicate chain.

My secret favourite of the new collection are the delicate earrings “Emilia”. The name goes back to the old Roman family name of the Aemilier, an important patrician family in ancient Rome. In those days, ladies adorned themselves with laurel wreaths of real gold or jewellery imitating the branches of precious olive trees. The long earrings of the “Emilia” line play with this tradition and adorn modern goddesses not only on their wedding day.

The earrings Adia with tassels made of small freshwater pearls or tassels of rock crystal are not new, but 2020 there are a few fresh variations. Tassel jewellery is still trendy because it harmonises so wonderfully with the Boho style. The casual style is especially popular as a wedding motto – with colourful dresses, open hair and eye-catching jewellery – preferably with floral patterns and swinging elements.


Wedding pictures, dark-haired model:

Anna Schneemann Photography


Bridal photo, blond model with golden palm fronds:

Sophie Wolter Photography

Hair and Makeup by Nadja Neumann


All wedding dresses are from Elbbraut.