Sustainably manufactured in Germany
Brigitte Adolph

If you walk through the world with your eyes open, you can see it: We should all try to protect the environment and find alternatives so as not to aggravate difficult conditions in crisis areas. In jewellery production, this means above all examining the origin and extraction of precious metals under the microscope. In my studio I therefore use recycled gold and silver.

All my jewellery is designed and made in my studio in Weingarten near Karlsruhe. I am always looking for ways to obtain as many materials as possible from sustainable production. By using eco-gold and eco-silver, i.e. sustainably processed precious metals, I am fighting against environmental pollution for ecological and ethical reasons.

Good reasons for secondary gold

The recycling of precious metals significantly reduces the consumption of natural resources. The gold is already in circulation and is processed into new alloys with a purity of 999.9%. If no precious metal has to be mined at great expense, the risk of exploitation of workers in gold mines is reduced. In addition, the processing of precious metals already in circulation limits the inflow of new quantities, which in turn has a positive effect on the value of existing jewellery.

Therefore precious metal from reprocessing according to German environmental standards:

  • no further large-scale environmental destruction in sensitive mining areas
  • no further contamination of soil or water with chemicals
  • Savings of over 99% in CO2 emissions
  • no child labour and no inhuman working conditions

This is guaranteed by our partner refinery Burger Edelmetalle in Keltern.

Fair Silver helps people in Peru

Beyond the use of recycled precious metal, I support a project in Peru that focuses on the socio-economic conditions of the mine workers and their families. By purchasing silver from the certified small-scale mine “Sotrami” in Peru, I support fair pay and appropriate working conditions on site.

If you have any questions about sustainability, please contact me! E-mail Brigitte.