Preview: Wedding rings in lace-like design
Brigitte Adolph

A chaotic but thrilling vibe fills my studio in Karlsruhe – only a few days to Inhorgenta. We are already packing suitcases with my new designs for earrings, necklaces and rings. But this year I will show something special, special jewellery for a special day or rather for the life after. For a long time, I had the desire to make engagement and wedding rings in a delicate, textile look. Also my customers wanted the matching wedding ring to their Brigitte Adolph bridal jewellery set. For Inhorgenta 2017 it was supposed to happen: rings for eternity with lace appeal. There was not a lack of creative ideas, but would a man wear a lace-like wedding ring?

As I have solved this question, you can see the ring pairs Tamino and Pamina in 750 white gold and Papagena and Papageno in 750 yellow gold. Finely wound threads give these wedding rings the necessary textile structure to harmonize with my lace jewellery. In their simplicity, they unfold the powerful charisma I wanted for the gentlemen’s ring. The inner engraving strip remains consciously without structure, in order to give space for personal words or signs of the lovers.

The multi-coloured dream team shows “Pamina” next to the “Figaro” solitaire ring in 750 white gold, which as an engagement ring combines the questions of all questions with a valuable sign of appreciation. Considered as old-fashioned for a long time, the marriage proposal today experiences a renaissance.

Lace is reminiscent of the craftsmanship of past times and is, in my opinion, perfect as a design element in a romantic proposal ring. The diamond in prong setting is both classical and up-to-date as it is the most popular setting for engagement rings right now.

The elegant ring “Annemarie” made of 750 rose gold is cuddly as a cord and open for any combination. Wearable as a front ring, it gives a classic wedding ring a touch of nostalgia and strikes a magical bridge to earrings and necklaces in the design of Brigitte Adolph.

The eternity rings “Figaro” and “Papagini” are shown in the photo on the right in 750 white gold, the diamonds are set on request. Thus the first diamond can come to shine at the proposal, the second one follows for the birth of a child and further for memorable moments of a life together. The delicate lace border holds the precious gemstones, as an example in the 750er rose gold version champagne coloured brilliants would fit just fine.

I am curious how these special pieces of jewellery are perceived on Inhorgenta. They are the core of my new designs, which I will present in a few days at the European trade fair for jewellery and watches.