New: lace jewellery in silver gold-plated
Brigitte Adolph

Jewellery in warm gold tones is currently very popular, not only with passionate jewellery wearers, but also with young trendsetters and fashion-conscious influencers. The colour gold goes particularly well with autumnal fashion and the Christmas season with candlelight and glamour. This is why we are particularly pleased about this collection extension at
Brigitte Adolph Jewellery Design:

Jewellery form filigree lace patterns in high-quality gold-plated Silver !

The prices for lace jewellery in gold-plated silver are clearly below the real gold price, you can calculate about 50-80 Euro on the silver jewellery price. Here you can see a small selection of gold-plated pieces and an overview of all those that can be ordered directly at the moment. On request Brigitte Adolph can offer almost every piece of jewellery gold-plated, simply use our product inquiry form or send us an e-mail.

When I gild a piece of silver jewellery from my collection, please note the following…


Every piece of jewellery is exposed to different stresses in everyday life. For example, earrings may pass the gentle skin of the wearer only once after they have been put on.

It looks different with rings: From opening doors to shaking hands with the strip of other rings to screwing bottles or keeping handlebars while cycling, a ring is exposed to a lot of abrasion.

For this reason, jewellery gilding must take into account the stresses to which the jewellery is exposed.

Gold-plated rings from the Brigitte Adolph collection are currently only available on request with detailed advice.