Marrakesh Collection 2023/24
Brigitte Adolph

Anyone who likes to travel knows the excitement when you discover a particularly beautiful place, the magic when the landscape opens up before you and reveals its charms, the magic of foreign cultures and the heavenly enjoyment of foreign foods and spices.
My trip to Marrakesh combined all of this in an incredible way. I immersed myself in a world full of colours and smells, marvelling at the rich ornaments that could be found on almost every
Our photo shoot took place under all these impressions, to which the pieces of jewellery from the Marrakesh collection went
perfectly. The openwork lace design of the pieces, the symmetry of the shapes and the juxtaposition of the ornaments, as seen in the
bracelet, reflect the graphically opulent decorations that characterize the buildings of Morocco. The soft, warm light of the sun gives the pictures a special expressiveness. In our region, the magic of the Orient continues to have an effect on jewellery. Worked in detail and filigree, the pieces impress with the connection of Oriental ornamentation with the graphic
clarity of the form.
Anyone who would like to embark on a mental journey to Marrakesh is cordially invited.

Marrakesh Pearl

Fascinatingly beautiful and in the heart of Morocco: Marrakesh, also known as the „Pearl of the South”, inspires with its Oriental charm.
The Marrakesh Pearl earrings pay homage to the beauty of the city and take up its affectionate designation in the form of precious freshwater baroque pearls. The delicate lace decoration of the earrings is reminiscent of openwork window ornaments, as can be seen on almost every corner in Marrakesh. The small shape makes them perfect companions throughout the day and makes romantic looks appear even more graceful.

Marrakesh Square

The magic of the Orient unfolds particularly impressively in Marrakesh. In the old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are many architecturally significant buildings lined up next to each other, with rich ornamentation adorning the facades everywhere.
We dedicate the square shaped earrings Marrakesh Square to the most beautiful squares in Marrakesh.

Marrakesh - Die Statement Pieces

The long earrings „Marrakesh” are inspired by oriental ornaments
and capture the flair of the orient. The balanced symmetry and the detailed patterns are given a new, light and lively statement by the airy lace design. Marrakesh is known as the “pearl of the
south”. The earrings capture the beauty and liveliness of the lively Moroccan city.


There is something magical about the starry sky:
endless distance, auspicious shimmering, mysteries waiting to be revealed… It is not just those of a romantic nature who enjoy gazing at the heavens, sober realists also find it hard to avoid the fascination of the nocturnal firmament.
Whilst some believe they can see their future in the constellations, others ponder planets both inhabited and uninhabited, hidden worlds and the beginnings of life. Our new Cassiopeia collection is dedicated to the stars – and the constellation of Cassiopeia in particular. Small beadlets, with and without brilliant-cut diamonds, shine as earrings and
pendants and beguile as a delicate (engagement) ring. Jewellery gifts for those for whom we would pluck the stars from the heavens.