Necklace pendant „Anna-Lena“ in silver


The jewellery line Anna captivates with its filigree cut-out look. Anne Boleyn, who gave the line its name, is the most famous of the six wives of King Henry VIII of England and, as his favourite, later also became queen. In a painting, Brigitte discovered an ornamental hem that adorns Anne’s gown: fine bows with a small loop. Jewellery for every day and a royal feeling! This necklace pendant looks best with a 42 cm or 45 cm XS chain by Brigitte Adolph with links made of twisted wire. The necklace pendant has a diameter of 2,3 mm.

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925 silver

Necklace pendant without chain. We recommend a 42 cm or 45 cm XS chain with links made of twisted wire.

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