Win: a crown for the princess
Brigitte Adolph

Lace jewellery by Brigitte Adolph is jewellery that accompanies you through everyday life and makes you a princess on special days. And what can not miss with a princess? The crown!

For Christmas we give away one of the fingers of 925 silver and the unmistakable top design: Ring Anna.


All our fans and followers can join in Facebook and Instagram. Just comment on our question under the corresponding post:

Who is a real princess for you and why? Who is your prince?

The Christmas season is here, with all the magic and glitz in the shops, candlelight and the anticipation of the holidays with family and friends. It is also always the time to look back on what happened in the past year and who accompanied us and perhaps also inspired us.

Maybe the best friend who infects everyone with her good mood? Or the dear mom, who is always there when you need her? Of course, real princes can also take part: “Why would you marry your princess again and again?”.

The winner will be drawn and the ring will be made in the desired size and sent out until Christmas. The contest has ended (last day was Sunday 16 December 2018).

Terms of participation and legal information (the contest is closed)

Terms of participation and legal information

Exemption from Facebook and Instagram
This raffle is being held by Brigitte Adolph, Höhefeldstr. 18, D-76356 Weingarten (Baden), Germany, on the associated Facebook or Instagram account. To participate, a valid Facebook or Instagram account is required. However, there is no connection to Facebook or Instagram. Brigitte Adolph guarantees

  •     a full release of Facebook and Instagram by each participant; and
  •     confirms that the raffle is not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram and is in no way sponsored, sponsored or organized by Facebook or Instagram.


Terms of participation and privacy policy

The competition starts on December 6th and ends on December 16th.

Facebook fans and Instagram followers of Brigitte Adolph, who leave a comment below the competition post, can take part. By submitting a comment, the participant confirms his / her agreement with the conditions of participation. Employees of Brigitte Adolph including their relatives are excluded from participation. This also applies to participants who give up their Facebook or Instagram account before the end of the raffle.

The winner will be announced in another post on 17 December. By participating in the Sweepstakes by post, each participant agrees that their Facebook or Instagram username will be mentioned in another post to the winning notification.

The winner will contact Brigitte Adolph by fax, email or phone within 5 days to accept the prize. If this does not happen, the claim to the prize lapses and another participant is drawn. The triggering happens randomly. The transfer of the profit to other persons or a cash payment are excluded. Brigitte Adolph does not collect data from participants. The winner will receive the Ring Anna in 925 silver worth € 195 free of charge.

Behavior of users regarding the raffle post
Users are not asked to share the post. Friends of users may not be tagged / tagged in the comment. The competition takes place exclusively on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Brigitte Adolph.

Liability of the organizer
The organizer Brigitte Adolph Jewelery Design is liable for whatever legal reason only if a damage is due to intent or gross negligence or in case of culpable violation of a key obligation in the performance of the raffle.