All novelties – photographed in South Africa
Brigitte Adolph

Now they are all here – the new pieces of jewellery that I presented at the jewellery fairs in spring and which you can now get in my local shops or here in the online shop. I am totally enthusiastic about the photos I took during a shooting of the new pieces in Cape Town: Enchanting models on the beach, on the rocks, in the dunes and all in a light that is simply magical.

Janina, Polly and Sophia were staged by the photographer duo Sarah Schmid und Philipp Johann aka Sallyhateswing in the small bays and beach resorts around the most visited dream city in Africa.

When the sun slowly sets and the beach is bathed in a golden-yellow-red light, there seems to be no more beautiful place in the world. But among us: For a hidden beach at the edge of lonely dunes, my new glamorous pieces are much too fancy…

They love the attention! So wear them with your new spring outfit, with big hats and colourful hair bands or simply with plain, flowing clothes, which they give that certain something.

Very trendy: Tassel jewellery and strong colours in the jewellery pieces Aida

The boho style is a casual trend with colourful dresses, open hair and eye-catching jewellery – preferably with flowery patterns, in bright colours and with swinging elements such as pearls or tassels. Tassels mostly made of textile threads, which are bundled at the upper end. Tassels made of garnet, rock crystal or small pearls dangle from the Aida earrings – treasures from nature for the modern hippie look.

For the Wow Effect: Shoulder Duster

This is what Shoulder Dusters by Brigitte Adolph look like! These extra long earrings touch the shoulders and are an eye-catcher on the wedding day as well as in everyday life. At the end of the delicate chains with flower motifs in a lace look, precious freshwater pearls dangle in light or dark colours. These long earrings are a welcome variation from ear studs and classic pearl earrings: Especially in summer, fashionistas with shoulder dusters and a shoulder-free top or dress show that they are always one step ahead of the trend.

Arati - Indian for Dawn

Anthea, Dahlia and Flora

I discovered the lace motif on which the lines Flora, Aida, Anthea and Dahlia are based during a visit to Germany’s lace city Plauen. It was so inspiring that three jewellery lines were created.

Undine: New with salmon coloured moonstones

Lady Hamilton – the dazzling life of a coveted lover