Lace jewellery – an extraordinary Christmas gift
Brigitte Adolph

Why did jewellery or even perfume become classic Christmas gifts for ladies? Quite simply: jewellery and perfume underline the character of the woman and pay much attention to her preferences. Jewellery is an accessory that is worn directly on the body and is charged with emotions for many wearers.

Jewellery lovers connect a special moment to a ring, carry the photos of their loved ones in a medallion, decorate themselves with their wedding earrings on festive days and love the pearl necklace of the grandmother.

It’s simple: special moments and loved ones deserve memorabilia of lasting value. How about this: This year there is something special under the Christmas tree, which lights up the eyes of a loved woman.

This year, the lady of the heart, the girlfriend, sister, daughter or mom gets nothing useful, but a gift that expresses appreciation and affection. Something for eternity, of timeless beauty and lasting shine. A gift that she can always carry with her and that emphasizes her own unique beauty. Jewellery from the lace collection by Brigitte Adolph has what it takes to become a favorite piece.

The traditional lace patterns are classically beautiful and at the same time playful and filigree. They could look old-fashioned but through craft perfection and a keen sense of design they have arrived in the modern days of jewellery design. The Museum Art Aurea has added Brigitte Adolph to the Modern Jewelry Collection and her top jewelry creations have won several awards. The perfect Christmas present for modern princesses in style!

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